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For those who are unsure about red wine - you haven't tried our Tempranillo. Medium to full bodied depending on the vintage,  these vines are hand-tended to ensure each bottle is an expression of the land, the climate, the season, and our passion for uniquely New Zealand wines.

Pinot Grigio

Why be a wine-toff when you can be a Pinot Grigio girl? Pop music, pears and perfume, this lithe little number pairs perfectly with giggly girls' night and chasing boys on the beach. The Diva of our Sleepers Vineyard Stamp Range, our Pinot Grigio is effortlessly elegant, with a dry finish to match her sense of humor.

Sauvigon Blanc

A rebel without a cork, this isn't your grandma's savvy. Minerality, melons and mischief - Sleepers Vineyard's limestone soil puts a sincere Sancerre spin on Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. 


It is time to spoil your man. This limited edition HANG TIME Bosé is fun, fresh, and Kiwi as. This dangerously drinkable yet deceptively complex "Brosé" could make the most rugged Kiwi bloke blush. Best served chilled while chilling with your best mates.

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