Sleepers Vineyard Stamp Range


Xuxa Stamp

Xuxa is our German Shepherd. We made her our Tempranillo stamp because she is by Lynne's side every day.  The loyalty and devotion she has is the same as our passion for growing our Tempranillo.  We chose the stamp to be like the Queen of England's penny stamp because at the end of the day she is the boss.


Ele and Xena Stamp

Our girls loved the top block where our Pinot Grigio is grown. Ele is short for Extinction Level Event and Xena was named after Kiwi icon Xena the Warrior Princess. Both patrolled the vineyard looking for trouble (and never looking like they were the culprits). We miss them dearly.


Coco Stamp

Ms Coco is a kune kune pig - a breed native to New Zealand. Known for taking herself on adventures through our Sauvignon Blanc, she can often be found snoozing beneath the vines.

Longitude and Lattitude

As well as varieties, these also show the location of our vineyard - 42 degrees South and 174 degrees East. We can show you where during  your vineyard tour.  

The other stamp shows which year.

Tempranillo harvested 2015


A testament to our tenacity, Sleepers Tempranillo proves that a Spanish Princess can become a Kiwi Queen. As tradition and terroir collide, temptation is redefined. 

Sauvignon Blanc harvested 2009


Sleepers Sauvigon Blanc, true to its name, salutes style, sumptuous sensation, and a sense of place. 

Pinot Grigio harvested 2016


Pleasure is perception. From her delicate perfume to her perfect body, Sleepers Pinot Grigio is pure desire.